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Well- this year I would love to have something that I can feel good about receiving.  There are so many options out there (especially on Etsy) that are cute, safe, affordable and friendly to our Mother Earth.
Here are my top picks from other shops on Etsy that my family can afford and I would LOVE to have!
Feel free to post links to your Favorite Eco-Friendly gifts- I’d love to take a look!

1) Scottie in a Canoe   Platform Sandals $42
2)Bayan Hippo  Eco Friendly Canvas Poetry Bag $44
 3) Cottage Garden Therapies Trio Relaxation Soy Candles $21
 4) The Peaceful Peacock Reusable Tea Bags $9 (for 3)
 5) 2 Trick Pony  Recycled Silver Heart Earrings $39


My daughter came home from preschool yesterday with the cutest little craft.  It’s a Sea Urchin:

Isn’t it adorable?  It’s made of Playdoh and toothpicks.  They are learning about sea creatures right now- a great project for a summer vacation 🙂

Here are some more creative, sophisticated Sea Urchins from Etsy:
1) DivineLionesss   2) staroftheeast  
3) wapa  4) Stilllily  
5) Inklingpaperstudio  6) elementclaystudio

So this is my first post and I’m trying to finish up while my daughter patiently waits for me to do something today.  I think we will finally work on our plants that we started from seed.  It’s been too cold to keep them outside but maybe the winter weather is finally over!  We bought this really great starter kit at Target that came with dried dirt and 36 compartments.  We have Cilantro, Basil, Scallions, lettuce, wildflowers and poppies…..
Any tips???