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We are on day 3 of the 21 Day Cleanse and it’s going fine.  The enthusiasm has worn down (probably for lack of energy!) but I am still dedicated to get through this. 

We bought a juice extractor which is so amazing!  I don’t have to peel or core anything, for the most part, and it’s quick, quiet, and easy.  It’s called the Breville Ikon and costs about $200.  I used a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond so saved about $35 total.  I know that there are some less expensive ones out there but time saving was priority to me so we shelled out the cash.

Speaking of time saving…these recipes take A LOT of time to make.  I do like the fact that once I spend a good 3 hours in the kitchen, I have 3 meals (which are eatten 2-3x per week) plus the “cleansing broth” and 1 snack (home-made granola bars).  I am learning that I can substitute some home-made items with store-bought like the broth.  I will buy organic store-bought veggie broth next time to save on time.

We have strayed a bit with snacks in between meals, and a cup of coffee here and there which I don’t think is “allowed” but we make sure the snacks are whole foods and try to do half-caf.
So far our take on the recipes:
French Lentil Salad: just ok. add some extra lemon or “approved” dressing and more cabbage than lentils
Creamy Broccoli Soup: Good, add eaxtra lemon and course salt. takes a minute to get used to the taste but Dave and I decided that we like it
Cauliflower veggie saute’ dish: Very good, didn’t have to add anything to taste good
Juices and Smoothies: good

Well, off to drink my breakfast blah…looking forward to next week because we can have quinoa porridge!

photo courtesy of Wiki Media

photo courtesy of Wiki Media

I’ve been wanting to try this 21 day Whole Living cleanse for some time now and I (and Dave, my boyfriend/domestic partner haha! this classification has been a trip for us…) finally took the plunge.  I spent about an hour geting my grocery list together.  It took a while because our kids will not do this with us so I had to make up 2 separate menus for the week.  My next challenge is coming up with a menu where I can make simple substitutions for the kids from the whole foods meals…Any suggestions are welcome!  They may go in the cookbook I aspire to write some day!

Shopping took about 1 1/2 hours (and $400!), came home and purged the fridge, cleaned the fridge and put all of the ingredients away.  An all day event!  I have most of what I need and many items I will not have to purchase again for a while (coconut oil, tahini etc…) so I expect the grocery bill to be half that next time. 

Week 1 consists of mostly fruit juices in the morning then lentils, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, mushrooms, sweet potato stew and a few snacks that I will make.  Week 1 will be difficult and we will feel “hungover” for a few days then better each week after.   

I find joy in filling my pantry and refrigerator with nothing but real fresh food…spinach and apples as far as the eye can see.  I love to go in the kitchen and see baskets full of sweet potatoes, ginger root, and avocados… I guess that makes me a “foodie”.

So next week we will begin. 

Oooohhh, next post, cute handmade containers to store your whole foods!  Etsy here I come….

Has anyone tried this cleanse?  I’d love to hear how it went!


My first post in actually years…I’m finally taking a few minutes to reflect today.  Life is great.  I have all I could ever need, I am a part-time student, stay-at-home mom, I have an amazing supportive and loving boyfriend, friends, family and a home that although I enjoy, I want to down-size and start fresh with my new life. Still….some days I feel very down, confused, lost.  On these days, I think about what is bothering me.  I have learned that by actually spending time with the sadness, making myself go through it then deciding that I don’t want to feel this way today, really helps.  An amazing book that I read while going through my divorce is Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow.  The basic gist is that we have control over how we react to our feelings, to others, and that we can make a concious decison to change.  I realize that those of us who suffer from depression, myself included, must usually do other things to gain control of our moods etc…but this book is very inspiring for those simply “off” days. 

A few other things I enjoy doing in the winter are making a cup of tea, sitting by the fireplace, lighting candles, and accomplishing one thing on my to do list during that particularly bad day.  So off I go to read for my next assignment… alone in the big bad house except for my step/adopted little dogs but I have my comfort items surrounding me so it will be a good day…