We are on day 3 of the 21 Day Cleanse and it’s going fine.  The enthusiasm has worn down (probably for lack of energy!) but I am still dedicated to get through this. 

We bought a juice extractor which is so amazing!  I don’t have to peel or core anything, for the most part, and it’s quick, quiet, and easy.  It’s called the Breville Ikon and costs about $200.  I used a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond so saved about $35 total.  I know that there are some less expensive ones out there but time saving was priority to me so we shelled out the cash.

Speaking of time saving…these recipes take A LOT of time to make.  I do like the fact that once I spend a good 3 hours in the kitchen, I have 3 meals (which are eatten 2-3x per week) plus the “cleansing broth” and 1 snack (home-made granola bars).  I am learning that I can substitute some home-made items with store-bought like the broth.  I will buy organic store-bought veggie broth next time to save on time.

We have strayed a bit with snacks in between meals, and a cup of coffee here and there which I don’t think is “allowed” but we make sure the snacks are whole foods and try to do half-caf.
So far our take on the recipes:
French Lentil Salad: just ok. add some extra lemon or “approved” dressing and more cabbage than lentils
Creamy Broccoli Soup: Good, add eaxtra lemon and course salt. takes a minute to get used to the taste but Dave and I decided that we like it
Cauliflower veggie saute’ dish: Very good, didn’t have to add anything to taste good
Juices and Smoothies: good

Well, off to drink my breakfast blah…looking forward to next week because we can have quinoa porridge!