We are nearing the end of week 3 in our Whole Foods Cleanse.  Week 1 was good but difficult to take the time to prepare the food, juice etc…  Week 2 was easier in regard to time and taste of food.  Week 3 was much easier since I learned that I can improvise and incorporate foods that I had leftover from previous weeks (tons of kale) and just cut back on the amount of food I was preparing.  I bought some frozen veggie burgers and allowed myself to stray from the diet if I wanted to.  If we had salmon instead of a kale salad for dinner, it didn’t matter.  If we had tons of black beans in the pantry and no rice, I substituted.  We also go out to eat once per week and get whatever we want.  Interestingly, the taste of let’s say an Oreo cookie, is starting to tatse bad to us.  It tastes like a coated gob of sugar.  We prefered the homemade dark chocolate chip cookies made with wheat flour and oats…so it’s working!

So next week I have to make our own menu since I have been following a pre-made one on the website.  This is going to be a challenge.  We love soup so I will start with the Polenta and spinach soup from our Power Foods cookbook.  This is so simple to make and I have everything I need.  Again, this is an aquired taste…the soup has polenta (cornmeal), water, parmesan, spinach and garlic, lemon and tons of olive oil. I love an earthy raw taste to my foods but Dave needs more flavor so I put extra spices and lemon in a lot of meals…
Off to start the menu and grocery list…I will post the weeks’ menu on Monday!