OKay- so, my husband’s doctor told by him to give up Caffeine for health reasons.  Yes- it’s horrible, I know.  We are both coffee addicts.  The aroma, the flavor, the pleasure of that first cup in the morning- nothing like it. 
So the question is- do i make the ultimate sacrifice?  He won’t have to smell the pot brewing in the morning and watch me sip out on the back deck.  I asked him if I should quit too or we could switch to decaf?  Of course he said “no, no… I will just quit cold turkey”- I guess he has something to prove to himself. 
Now- if the tables were turned, and he kept drinking coffee in front of me i would…. somehow rig the TV so that it exploded just before kick-off during his favorite team’s football game, or put my 4 year old alone in a room with his best Guitar and glue, stickers and permanent marker.  Is that horrible?  Am I selfish? 

Would you quit to make it easier for your husband/partner?  I don’t think I am that big of a person!