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My daughter came home from preschool yesterday with the cutest little craft.  It’s a Sea Urchin:

Isn’t it adorable?  It’s made of Playdoh and toothpicks.  They are learning about sea creatures right now- a great project for a summer vacation 🙂

Here are some more creative, sophisticated Sea Urchins from Etsy:
1) DivineLionesss   2) staroftheeast  
3) wapa  4) Stilllily  
5) Inklingpaperstudio  6) elementclaystudio

Just wanted to let you know that I am offering free worldwide shipping on everything in my shop through Cyber Monday.  I’ve added a few new pieces and am hoping to add some Christmas pieces this week.  I’m experimenting with Resin and vintage stamps….we’ll see where it leads!

Thanksgiving is around the Corner~~

I’m not sure about all of you but i am on a tight budget this Thanksgiving. We are possibly having Thanksgiving at my house instead of my sister’s this year because she is having her second baby in November- yeah! can’t wait! Now comes the problem- setting a table that is functional, cute and affordable. I was browsing through Etsy- as I do every day- and came across these adorable (mostly vintage) pieces that are so lovely and quite reasonable to add to our tables this year. This set of colorful platters is from $22, and the silver wear is $10 from

then there is this gorgeous tablecloth at the amazing price of $18 from and these stunning teal plates from
~don’t forget the turkey candleabra from

Yummy retro bun warmer from
Brown and Teal platter from

Lovely harvest mugs from, and whoooo wouldn’t love this cute little owl shaker? Just $8.99 & I love the color.

Last but absolutely not least, a vintage bakelite carving set from also visit her blog at

and super sweet beeswax taper candles from

Well- I have been experimenting with “themed jewelry” and here is 1 piece that I have come up with: Sisters Necklace, listed in my shop

These are really fun to make and I just finished another one last night centered around “motherhood”.  I’ll be listing that one today.
More themes that I have begun are Friendship, The Goddess and Dreaming.  I thought these might be nice for the holiday season when thinking about friends and family gift giving…

I’d love more ideas for themes- just post ’em and I’ll check out your ideas. 

Eve and Ian are in school so i have a few minutes to sit and write…finally! Thinking about what to make for dinner tonight and can’t come up with anything that sounds good. Anyone have a blog that has simple recipes? I am a Soup-a-holic, I could eat soup every day. I discovered (well- my sister found it and i stole it from her) a terrific Soup and Salad recipe book. It’s from Food & Wine magazine called “quick from scratch Soups & Salads cookbook” Some of my faves are the Hungarian Beef & Potato Soup, Turkey, Mushroom and Lentil Soup, Tomoato Soup with Chicpeas and Pasta and I recently made the Thai-style Beef Salad over Angel Hair Pasta. These recipes are truly easy and full of flavor and all of the ones that I have made are ready in 30- 40 minutes or less. I highly recommend this cookbook. Now it’s from 1998 ( ISBN# is 0916103803) so you may have to get it on ebay, or Swaptree (i’ll save that for another day). Okay- I have to start some laundry, list a pair of earrings on Etsy and pick Eve up from Pre-school…..

I will be listing these today in my Etsy shop:

Well, it is my first day of Blogging and …… my daughter is calling me from the potty. i am trying to work a little so i am ignoring the calling until it starts to sound really important. maybe when she is in school tomorrow i will able to focus….
I will be telling you a bit about my favorite pieces from Etsy. Etsy is my second home. My place to escape, and live in the minds of artists. My blog will be a kind of Gift Guide with themes to help you along with your holiday, birthday, anniversary etc.. shopping. Stop back tomorrow and see what i have to show you!